Sunday, March 6, 2022

Gmail less secure apps.

The following is a response I posted in the Mozilla support site regarding the changes Google have announced revoking the use of "less secure apps"  effective the 30th of may according to the emails they send me.  Hopefully I will have time to codify it in a support article,  but until then this will have to do so I can find it again.

Go to account setting on the menu

 Then select the server settings for the account you wish to change.


Change the Authentication method using the drop-down to oAuth2 like shown below


Follow that up by selecting the outgoing server SMTP entry on the accounts list.

This will display all configured SMTP servers something like this.

Select your outgoing server, press the edit button on the right. Then edit your authentication to oAuth as shown in the image.


Sunday, January 9, 2022

Searching in settings/ options/ preferences

 Thunderbird moved it's settings from a dedicated window to a tab in Thunderbird 68.  Along with this change came a search box that was to replace the well defined layout that made describing the location of setting fairly simple.

I am increasingly getting the feeling that people are not using this search option and continue to plow through the options looking for what they want.  This can be helpful if you have no idea what you think will be used as a term to describe what you are looking for, or to familiarise yourself with what options appear to be available.  But when you are looking for things you  know the names of it is a very slow way to do things.  I must emphasise that this is a setting search, not a help search.

One instance is the Thunderbird config editor.  There is a button for this right at the bottom of the general tab,  I know this and can tell you.  But that is a long list under "general" to scroll through

Using the search option, which refines the search on every key stroke is a faster method. The following image is what is displayed when type CO in the search box


Then we have the same list following the typing of  config


and finally typing the complete term config editor 


All three of these searches,  as well as the option of scrolling, would all eventually get you to the config editor button.  Personally, I think typing the whole thing makes it easiest, but it is whatever souit you.

This search really comes into it's own on searches like PDF which does not return a "result" as such but displays only the list box for "content type" actions.  The list has an action for PDF content.  

Another good demonstration of it's ability to find setting is to type "file".  This returns a number of "secondary" results where the search term is in a list that is not visible,  like the list of actions for content types.

This does not help when you type things that you expect to have results and don't like attachments, so sometime the old plow through is the only way to find something. But I do recommend the use of searching to get where you are going, until it lets you down.


Saturday, October 16, 2021

Logging mail sending in Thunderbird

With the introduction of the rewritten mail send there has been a huge uptick in the number of folk having issues sending mail from Thunderbird. The changes have also brought with them a new way of logging the sending of mail in Thunderbird to provide diagnostic information.

Logging is now done using the error console (Ctrl+Shift+J) in the developer tools,  but for this to occur you need to enable logging using the config editor. Modify/set the preference  mailnews.smtp.loglevel to All using the linked config editor instructions

Now open the Error Console and clear any existing entries by clicking on the trash icon.

Send a mail, debug logs should show up in the Console tab looking something like what is shown below.


If you have been asked to supply a log,  or are seeking support somewhere with failures in sending then the following will provide a text file with the log in it.

Right click the console/log window and select all from the menu.

Right click again and select the rather oddly named "copy message"

Open windows notepad.(Windows key+R type notepad and press enter)

Save the file to your documents and either copy and paste or upload the file to provide the log to others. Be aware that the From and To addresses in the email are in the log you are sharing.


This part will certainly not work in versions after 91.

Again using the config editor set the preference mailnews.smtp.jsmodule to false.  This will invoke the old mail sending code that has been replaced and already removed from Thunderbird from V93 onwards.  This will allow the diagnosis of the problems to ensure it is the new send code that is at issue. It will also allow a few months of using the old code while bugs are fixed.  Please file bug in bugzilla if you identify a bug in the new code.