Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bigpond mail changes.

Today I got an email from Bigpond/Telstra advising me their mail system was changing.  It was full of nice touchy feely vibes and after I read it all I knew was at some future date something was changing.  Congratulations Telstra.  This is important stuff and you have dumbed it down to the level of a marketing email.  Then I check the date the change is scheduled for and it is today.  Talk about forward planing.  The email they send today said "We'll email you in a few weeks with the exact move date of your email service listed below".

By searching around on the Telstra web site. They do have the information, and I must admit the email has a link to the starting point. I learned that the changes to  me really involve their closing up of shop of the Bigpond brand, and finally modernizing their email system to use secure connections. Minor really,  but enough to stop my Thunderbird accounts getting mail without changes.

So my ancient Bigpond server settings will need to be changed when the day comes (Today).  Telstra recommend I also convert to IMAP.  That is a whole different issue.  My existing email accounts are POP and I just want then to keep working.  So here are the changes I will have to make to my existing Bigpond mail accounts.

To summarise the changes to "just keep on as it was"  the following information will need to be changed

Incoming information in your account.

Field Existing Setting New Setting
Server Name: mail.bigpond.com pop.telstra.com
Port: 110 995
Connection Security: None SSL/TLS

Outgoing Server (SMTP)
This is at the bottom of the list of accounts in account settings.

Field Existing Setting New Setting
Server Name: mail.bigpond.com smtp.telstra.com
Port: 25 465
Connection Security: None SSL/TLS

I have included the recommended settings. However Telstra also allow for the use of Port 587 and connection security STARTTLS. As this is actually more secure, I suggest you try those first, before using the recommended less secure settings.

It is always possible to add a new account as IMAP,  but that is not the purpose of my posting.  My purpose is to offer setting that will allow your existing account to just keep working.

Source links at Telstra.