Friday, July 31, 2020

Is V78.1 better than V78 for me!

The short answer is yea.  after about 15 minutes of churning the hard disk and using excessicve amounts of memory it loaded.

But what is this;
Header pane is blank of information.
The minimize button from Compact Header addon is not visible
ReminderFox does not have an icon on the header
Mail Summaries are not showing.

Time for a quick trip to the addon manager,  there must be an issue with versions.  Perhaps they are disabled.

They do appear to be enabled,  and only the ones that interact with the three pane view are apparently non functional.  So I guess there is a problem with this new and exceedingly ugly user interface.  Llets see what I can find out to fix the missing addons icon.  This is not a good experience at all.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

My experience in Updating to Thunderbird 78

As the support requests had started appearing for the update to 78 I though I would update. Now I was a lo
Downloaded EXE at 12.49pm
Then memory usage shot up,  disk IO went up and the clicking of continue of scripts started.

is what I saw in the task manager,  I clicked continue 5 times and eventually a new Thunderbird window appeared at 1:00pm.

However still the application is busy.

Memory usage is up and disk IO is also maxing out.

1:02 I have apparently got Thunderbird.  But there is nothing useful to show

Memory usage is still up,  but disk IO is down.

Nothing actually works. The top menu is simply non functional.

No I made a mistake,  it is displaying tiny tiny boxes
There is one under the help help in the image above.  I think it might be a tooltip

1:08 Thunderbird is still doing something,  as the CPU usage changes in task manager,  but I have no idea what.

Resource monitor appears to think Thunderbird is waiting on Network IO,  but it is not using the network.

Well this has been truly exciting.  1:13 and still nothing,  but the windows controls for minimize and close don't work either.  Just a wonderful upgrade so far.  And that was after using the Beta on another profile.

1:15 I have better things to do I will have lunch and see if it comes to life while I do that.  At least the script error have stopped.

1:16 disk IO has stopped

Memory use is not changing,  the UI is useless. So I suppose it is time to End the task from task manager. 1:20  ended task,  the speed at which it disappeared certainly suggested it was doing nothing.

1:21 clicked to start Thunderbird again,  just in case the last debacle was an accident.

1:22 script unresponsive

It was 1:23 before I clicked continue,  and I am still hungry.

1:25 a UI appeared.  Status bar says null again like last time.


UI elements get focus when you mouse over,  but fail to respond.

1:32 Time to kill it again I think.  Perhaps not the Status bar has changed from Nul to No messages to download.  That would indicate the profile is sort of working.

1:44  everything is quiet

Except I still have no user interface that works.

The user profile has lots of updated files.  God help us with the load of SQLite files I am seeing.

But still I need to end task and even the big red X does not work.

Well I figure I need a backup before this gets any worse.  Not sure how long windows will; take to backup 257,000 items,  but I am guessing a long while.  Yay   it says more than 3 hours.  Not for me.

So I tried deleting the global DB,  pig that it is.  Nothing useful from that but another 10m minutes watching the task manager.

Tried safe mode,  put up a dialog about being in safe mode and a number of script time-out errors. Now it is at 2654.  but it looks like this might not load it at all.

Nope rebooted the whole computer.  Perhaps that will help.

3:16 Tried launching Thunderbird again.

After removing panacea.dat,  globalmessagesdb and foldertree.dat one at a time and waiting out  the extensive startup process I made no progress.  Safe mode does not start functionally

Gave up about 5pm and renamed all the mab.bak files to mab and reverted to Thunderbird 68 using the allow-downgrade .  Basically I might try again in a week or so what I have half a day to mess about again.  Program loads and functions mostly correctly.  No calendar,  but I think I like it that way.