Saturday, December 12, 2020

ESET stopped me getting mail

 Just a short note on my very recent experience (Today) with ESET for the first time since I installed is 6 or 7 years ago causing an email issue.  Normally I have email scanning disabled as I feel it is mostly more trouble than it is worth,  but today no email when I started Thunderbird.  Little did I initially think ESET was the cause.

Opened the error console (ctrl_Shift+J) cleared it and tried again. Absolutely nothing in the console,  no mail and I noticed nothing since the 1st of December.  So this is not a new problem,  but one I just noticed. 

A bit of googling led me to

By this time I had already entered an exemption for Thunderbird in the protocol scanning,  but it did not appear to be working.  So I followed the instruction on the article and still it did not appear to be working so like a poor copyist I am I tried the instructions again.  This time everything went red as ESET got all excited about disabling the protocol.  This went away when I re-enabled it. After that off and on again setting restatement mail just started coming in.  Hundreds of them for the past two weeks.  Sorry if you are one of those I have been ignoring.  But I probably did not have time to reply anyway.

Once I was getting mail I got one advising me that the Thunderbird support forum was inundated with users with very similar issues commencing on the 1st December.