Friday, October 22, 2010

Printing a list of my mail in the folder

It appears to be a common request, to print a list of the contents of a folder in Thunderbird. The trouble with the request is that Thunderbird does not support this function and many are left disappointed.

What follows here is a workaround, that will allow a list to be printed, or edited.

The import/Export tools for Thunderbird which can be downloaded here provides a right click context menu to 'export' the folder. This export offers an options to export as a list either in HTML or CSV formats, as well as the more expected whole mail export options.

If you choose the HTML option a folder is created at the place you choose to save the file a single HTML file is saved in there which, when opened in your browser of choice, can be printed. Personally I find this option creates extraneous columns, like the TO: and prefer to select export list as CSV. CSV files are easily edited in a spread sheet program like Excel and it is easy to delete the extra columns and print out the list containing just the things I want.

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