Sunday, April 24, 2011

Add ons to fix common issues

 This little list is really only a few highlights.   I strongly recommend you have a look at my add-on collection at Mozilla.  These are the add-ons I keep recommending  in the support forum, so they are basically commonly requested 'features' that already exist as add-ons, and don't be shy about using the search button on the top of the site.  There are thousands of add-ons. for just about anything you can think of.

Also be sure to have a look at this is one of the largest and most useful collections of add-ons I have encountered not hosted by Mozilla. I have the same level of trust (perhaps even more)  for Keosmos add-ons as those from the official add-on site.  There is no nasty stuff there.

Printing Tools A handy add on that provides many options to modify the layout of printed email, as well as the address book. For those frustrated with the lack of printing options in Thunderbird, this is one for you.

Import / Export Tools One of those must have extensions, adding a simple interface that allows individual mails, or whole folders full to be exported from Thunderbird in a variety of formats, and it can import them again as well. A great tools for archiving old mails.

Send Later  Many people dislike the fact that Thunderbird sends messages as soon as you click on the send button.  They instead prefer full control over their sending as to time.  This extension provides that control.

Quote and Compose Manager  This add-on adds functionality to the composer in Thunderbird.  It also has an option to stabilize fonts which is a long running bug which drives many to distraction.

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