Friday, July 31, 2020

Is V78.1 better than V78 for me!

The short answer is yea.  after about 15 minutes of churning the hard disk and using excessicve amounts of memory it loaded.

But what is this;
Header pane is blank of information.
The minimize button from Compact Header addon is not visible
ReminderFox does not have an icon on the header
Mail Summaries are not showing.

Time for a quick trip to the addon manager,  there must be an issue with versions.  Perhaps they are disabled.

They do appear to be enabled,  and only the ones that interact with the three pane view are apparently non functional.  So I guess there is a problem with this new and exceedingly ugly user interface.  Llets see what I can find out to fix the missing addons icon.  This is not a good experience at all.

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