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Friday, July 8, 2011

Black Icons are Yucky

Well it would appear the the Jury is in and a number of people think the default Theme used for Thunderbird is actually ugly, or just plain difficult on their Windows setup. Note that I said windows. It is the Aero theme that has got people shaking their heads.

There is a fairly simple solution however.

Change to a non default Theme.

The Thunderbird Theme web site lists 81 current themes, I would assume with that sort of number of Themes one of them would suit most people.

If it is just the transparency that is the issue,  then the no glass theme may be what you want, or even the no Aero

Here are a couple of standouts that appeal to me for various reasons, they might appeal to you as well.

Classic Toolbar Icons for WinXP
Outlook 2003 BlueTB
Silver Skin (for Thunderbird)


  1. You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar!

    I just updated Thunderbird and it was this horrible black scheme - whoever thought it up needs their eyes tested.

  2. bless you. I ***LOATHE*** that black-on-black monstrosity that they came up with!

  3. now, if I can only figure out how to *stop* marking any folder unread if I move unread messages into it (I file them to read later) -- and when it tells me I have "new messages" if there aren't any new messages coming into my inbox, it tells me those are new. *sigh*

    At least the "recent folders" thing really works now! \\0//

  4. I have the latest Thunderbird with Win. 7.
    On my e-mail page in the upper right is there
    a way to change the Black Icon "DELETE"
    to say RED so I can see it more readily ?

    Roger ----