Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Why would there be a need for advise on Passwords.  Simple they are really not intuitive at all.  So here we have what I see as the most asked questions about Passwords in Thunderbird, and perhaps a little background on the passwords used.

How do I change my password.

The simple answer is you don't. You delete your password.

On the toolbar >  Options > Security >Passwords  there is a show saved password button.  Clicking it shows all the saved passwords and offers the opportunity to delete them.  If the password Thunderbird has is wrong this is what you must do. Next time you check your mail Thunderbird will ask you for your password.  If you click the save option in the box asking for your password your new password will be saved.

Master Password does not protect my Mails.

This is 100% correct.  The master Password is not designed as an application password.  It's sole purpose is to protect your saved passwords with a password of their own. There is a really good article on Master Passwords on the MozillaZine web site.

The people who code Thunderbird are very unlikely to provide an application password.  Why? Well the truth is that Thunderbird stores all of your mail in plain text files. Having an application password protecting your mail is fairly pointless when all of the mail is available to anyone who has a text editor and access to your computer.  If you want to protect your mail and I mean seriously instead of with a dinky password such as is offered by the Profile password add-on, use the user accounts and passwords built into your operating system.


  1. G'day Matt

    Thank you for sending this information to me. Sadly, I followed the advice but had no success.

    When I opened Options>Security>Password, the screen showed that I had no passwords recorded.

    I repeated the procedure and clicked the REMOVE option even though there were no passwords to remove.

    Is it possible for Thunderbird to delete all records of me so that I may endeavour to create a new account?

    I shall be grateful for your advice.

    Thanks and happy days

    Bob Weston

  2. Hi Matt,

    Thank you for the advise, it did work for me.

    Now another for you. I do not understand how to do your signature "pretty" or in other words tidy. Mine I've copied from outlook (very tidy and nice for my business) but in thunder looks crap. full of * in between , also the fonts are crap and hard to use in thunderbird, any help there?
    Thank you

  3. Alex I think you will do reasonable well with this

  4. Thank you so much Mat. Worked perfectly and instantly.